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Kemerlin Richards


Entrepreneur Brand Consultant focused on creating Brand Experiences for our clients

Business Name: KRICH Consulting

My name is Kemerlin Richards founder of KRICH Consulting, The RICH Klique, and Let’s Be Converts Christian Blog is a lifestyle brand consultant. Which ultimately means I specialize in building brand experiences coupled with the traditional non-negotiable tools needed in building a personal/business brand. I got my start as an entrepreneur about five years ago after one major change in my life. I lost my job! Losing my job caused me to think of about what I really wanted. With an undergrad degree in English Literature and a Masters of Public Administration, I definitely knew that I was not going to use those degrees in a traditional sense. Hence, the birth of KRICH Consulting and shortly thereafter the RICH Kliqué, a brand experience agency who is committed to producing for ourselves what we want to create/build for our clients. I help clients tell a visual story that is authentic to their brand/lifestyle. And to be a brand storyteller takes skill that I've learned to do well. And, in my opinion , visual storytelling is one of the strongest points of Marketing.

A well-crafted story along with the appropriate marketing funnels, business infrastructure, and team to help execute seamlessly is necessary in this visual age. Visual marketing is an approach to marketing that I love. Why? It is natural and far from the salesman’s approach. It fosters genuine relationships; which I believe is the catalyst for a successful business. The RICH Klique's mission is to do for ourselves what we want to do for our clients. Therefore, we are always creating, never waiting for a client to do so. We are always learning. We are always building. We are always growing. The RICH Kliqué is currently expanding… we look forward to sharing that process, along with our budding team.

  • Girl Bossing since: February, 2013
  • My favorite beauty item is: Nars Blushes ... :-)
  • Must have cocktail: raspberry/strawberry lemonade from Grand Lux... Not a "cocktail" but it's my must have.
  • If I could have #GIRLTALK with anyone famous it would be: Barbara Streisand


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