Ruby Modine


actress & dancer

Multi-talented Ruby, the daughter of Matthew Modine and Caridad Rivera, a makeup and wardrobe stylist, currently stars in Showtime’s award-winning “Shameless” as the problematic, rebellious character, ‘Sierra,’ on the critically lauded show. One of the new waitresses in the show's 'Patsy Pies' diner managed by Emmy Rossum's 'Fiona Gallagher,' the brilliant, ensemble dark comedy allows Ruby to tap into her thespian skill set opposite Jeremy Allen White ('Lip'), William H. Macy ('Frank'), Ethan Cutkosky ('Carl') and Emma Kenney ('Debbie') among others.  Her character spiraled in a myriad of directions this past season leaving viewers salivating for more. What happens now to Lip and Sierra's love affair in the forthcoming season 9 is the ultimate question viewers are waiting to find out.  Ruby, with innate insight into her character's psyche and relationships, is well-versed on the intricacies of one of the best hours on television.

  • My favorite beauty item is: I hear you on the eyebrows! I only figured out that I could fill in my eyebrows when I was like...23. It never occurred to me. Grand lash MD, mascara and a little bit of foundation. It is important to me that all makeup that I use be animal cruelty-free.
  • Must have cocktail: Must sip: Martinelli's Apple cider in a champagne glass! You can make the cork pop with those too.