Kae Whitaker

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Business Name: Kae Whitaker Media Group, LLC

My passion is driving girl bosses outside of their comfort zone and into the 20% of female millionaire entrepreneurs. Through the use of Digital Marketing, I help girl bosses create systems that get their online systems organized, automate their work flows and sell more of their products and services. Been doing this now since 2013 and my greatest wins come when the girls around me when! I'm a feminist by heart, and believe 900% that you can have it all!

  • Girl Bossing since: October, 2013
  • My favorite beauty item is: My Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation, Sandalwood is my Color :-)
  • Must have cocktail: Moscow Mule
  • If I could have #GIRLTALK with anyone famous it would be: Uhm, Oprah, definetly Oprah