Creative Director

Ebby Antigua

09_FOB_EBBY_A (1).jpg

Creative Director and Celebrity Style Expert


Business Name: Ebby Media

 As Creative Director and Fashion & Style Director. Ebby Antigua’s Job duties were to lead creative designs for all of Latina Media Ventures brand extensions. Oversees the visuals from cover to cover celebrity fashion, styling, beauty and editorial pages for the magazine and all digital visual aspects of,, and social media. As Creative Director & Fashion Director, Ebby Antigua rubs elbows with Latina celebs, their favorite stylists and makeup artists and dishes on their secret fashion, food, and cultural obsessions. Ebby has cultivated these relationships and used this as an inspiration in the creation of her Ebsession page for the print side and is expanding this to the web as well as Fashion. The Ebsession brand will also share with our readership ideas and tips from the top stylists and makeup artists. This also helps to create advertising opportunities for top brands and expand the Latina Media Ventures footprint in the Fashion, Social Media, Event, and Spokesperson worlds by making appearances in the TV and digital space.

While being the Fashion Director, she oversaw and handled all things fashion across all of the platforms, print, digital, and on-site events. She has shaped the fashion content to reflect the values and interests of the acculturated Latina. Since this role already had her front and center to the outside world in so many ways, she was the face and personality to help the sales and marketing team in facilitating partnerships, business sales and connect our consumer to the Latina Media Ventures brand. Ebby not only creates the magazine’s beautiful visuals from cover to cover and leads creative designs for all of LMV brand extensions but she is also a leading video content creator and personality across all LMV brands and social platforms. The mission statement for Ebby is to seamlessly blend the print and web content to provide readers with eye-pleasing layouts and interactive content.

  • Girl Bossing since: January, 2000
  • My favorite beauty item is: Chanel lipgloss
  • Must have cocktail: Mojito
  • If I could have #GIRLTALK with anyone famous it would be: 

    Salma Hayek