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Nubia DuVall Wilson


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Business Name: Cielo Consulting, LLC

About Cielo Consulting
We want clients to focus on what they do best, while we achieve measurable public relations and marketing results for their brand. Our company is called Cielo Consulting (pronounced SEE-el-oh, which means “sky” in Spanish) because our creativity, passion, and dedication to exceptional service are limitless. Cielo is a full-service consulting company specializing in lifestyle, travel, food & beverage, and wellness PR. We bring brands to life using a multiplatform approach, blending together digital marketing, brand partnerships and PR methodologies that drive awareness. Supporting companies of all sizes, services include implementing strategic partnerships; securing local and national media coverage; developing online and print ad campaigns; creating marketing collateral; and advising on brand strategies.

About Me (the Founder)
Nubia DuVall Wilson is a luxury lifestyle expert who has developed and implemented marketing and public relations campaigns for brands worldwide. Her career began in Taipei, Taiwan, where she contributed to the growth of a high-end English-speaking school through reorganizing its curriculum, public relations, marketing, and events, enabling it to open a second location in one year. Nubia’s diverse background in both journalism, consumer marketing, and public relations enables her to have a keen sense of strategy when developing campaigns that drive awareness and create ROI for clients. Throughout Wilson’s agency career in New York City, she developed and led national PR campaigns for luxury brands and international entities like the Scottish Government; secured strategic partnerships with companies like Dior, Random House, Rent the Runway and Shutterfly; and managed marketing promotions nationwide that led to more than 100% increase in sales. She graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University, and speaks basic Mandarin and advanced Spanish.

  • Girl Bossing for 14 years and counting in the PR and communications business; Founder/President of Cielo Consulting since 2015.
  • Must have cocktail: I love cocktails, especially since I once handled Bacardi's travel retail marketing! My go-to summer cocktail that I make at home is a Sapphire Collins, which is so easy to make. If you don't want to prepare your own simple syrup, put a dash of maple syrup in it and it is divine. When I am out, I love a dirty martini with Ketel One or Grey Goose.
  • If I could have #GIRLTALK with anyone famous it would be: Oprah to discuss what it means to stand up tall and speak out about being abused as a child--and succeed despite the trauma it causes you over a lifetime! I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and in the past year, I have been very vocal about the high rate of child sexual abuse in our country (1 out of 10 children will be abused by the time they are 18 and black women have an even higher chance). I just wrote a novella to bring awareness for the issue and give back to two charities--it just became available on Amazon. Learn more at