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The Everygirl shares their office space.

The Everygirl shared their office space today. But, not only did they share photos they shared answers to questions we all want to know. Solutions which may inspire your next move.

 Image via  The Everygirl  

Image via The Everygirl 

You started the Everygirl in 2012 out of your homes — when and how did you know it was time for office space?

Yes — we both worked from home for the first few years! The real catalyst for getting an office was because we were hiring full-time employees here in Chicago and needed a space where we could work together and produce photo shoots. We found this amazing loft in Chicago’s West Loop that rents as either a live or work space, so the rent was much more affordable than standard commercial office rentals, and it had a much cooler aesthetic than most office spaces, so we jumped on it. We now have seven full-time editors (the two of us included), one part-time editor, and two interns working out of our Chicago office.

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 Images via  The Everygirl

Images via The Everygirl