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Niki McNeill,  an interior designer, living & loving in Raleigh, NC. Niki is passionate about living a well-designed life and serving others along the way.  

  • She believes that every space needs a little bit of vintage + a splash of brass;  a southern girl to the core, who loves playing dress up, and that feeling you get in your stomach right as an airplane takes off.
  • Her Design Firm, SingleBubblePop, began in the fall of 2007 as a way to catalog her journey from pre-med student to interior design professional. The name SingleBubblePop came from the image that she would often meditate on when meditating, Niki would attempt to make her mind so quiet that she could hear a single bubble pop. 
  • Over the last ten years, her followers have watched her graduate from design school and work in residential + commercial interior design. She even made her way onto HGTV working as a production assistant for HGTV.com, where she learned some of the magic that goes into making interior design content for TV.  In 2011, She had the opportunity to put some of that knowledge to use as a featured designer on HGTV's "Design Wars." What an amazing experience! And, then joined the design team for the Emmy winning show "Elbow Room" which aired on HGTV and DIY network.
  • Working in television production and on large-scale renovation projects was thrilling, and further challenged Niki to continue her education to serve more aspects of the design industry.
  • That path lead her back to school to complete my interior design degree and enter into the world of architecture! Preparing construction documentation for commercial projects gave her a whole new perspective on the detail that's required to make a space both function and beauty.

  • Niki's business belief is that the spaces we live, work & play in have a significant impact on our well-being.  You can find out more about this on her blog as she writes about inspirational lifestyle content, style, and of course, interior design!

  • SingleBubblePop has been recognized by Southern Living, House Beautiful, HGTV.com and more as a blog to follow, and she continues to create notable original content & give behind the scenes look into her design projects. SingleBubblePop Design Studio was founded in 2010 and has delivered staging, a full-service design, renovations and custom furniture solutions to clients in the southeast US.

  • Photo credit: Images by Amber Robinso