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Get In BossMode with Actress VICTORIA KONEFAL

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  • Who: Victoria Konefal
  • What: Actress
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  • About: This soap star's ride has been a wild one, but Victoria Konefal has pushed through. A journey full of rejection, moves, and challenges but Konefal has persevered and currently works on NBC's "Days of our Lives," as Ciara Brady. She touches on subjects of being nervous on set and the importance of communication in the acting industry.
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Despite what some may believe, this industry is challenging. Your art is who you are and what you look like physically. It’s tough to put yourself out there, and people neglect the fact that it can lead to anxiety and other self-destructive behavioral patterns. There are emotional tribulations that performers have to overcome, and I resent the notion that just because my job is fun, it's easy. I’ve been on hundreds of auditions and failed. I’ve had so many rejections in a row that I wondered if I was ever going to book a job again. It’s not easy to make a name for yourself, especially in an industry with a surplus of talented people. It’s essential to stay driven and persistent and to keep the hunger alive and never quit.

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To keep afloat in this industry...

Communication is key! I’m awful with my phone, so I’m still learning this, but always email/call/text back immediately, and don't be afraid to reach out to your team to cancel/rearrange appointments! It may be intimidating at first, but they are there to help you and make life easier. They want you to succeed and understand if you need a breather. Find good energy to surround yourself with and stick with it!

Cultivating a good alliance with others in your industry. 
To not involve yourself with the negativity. It’s so easy to remove yourself from the bad and not give a shit. Don't take anything too seriously, and kill them with kindness.

When life hands you lemons, get into BOSSMODE. Life obstacles can weigh heavy on your mental and physical wellbeing. How do you stay uplifted, motivated or even inspired to push through and maintain your happiness?

I am typically a pretty unbothered person. I like to take issues with a grain of salt and understand that sometimes you can’t change things. I don’t like letting myself get stressed out, so I just roll with the punches and try to live a calm lifestyle.

Travel and find your power! Those things pretty much go hand in hand, but they are both so important. See the world and get in touch with mother nature.
— Victoria Konefal


  • Photographer: Birdie Thompson
  • Makeup/Hair: Allison Noelle